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4 Things You Should Know About Pregnancy Massage

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4 Things You Should Know About Pregnancy Massage

Massage therapists are a major health services provider in Melbourne. The number of massage therapists in Australia, including Melbourne, was 11.8 thousand in 2015. Additionally, the demand is expected to increase to 18000 by 2024. Furthermore, Melbourne has some expert therapists. So, if you are pregnant and require a prenatal or a pregnancy massage in Melbourne, you will find the best in the city. Well, the most common problem for pregnant women in Melbourne has always been lower back pain. 90 percent of women experience pelvic pain and back pain during pregnancy. Hence, massage is crucial for them. But what exactly is a pregnancy massage? It is a massage therapy, which is specifically designed for pregnancy. It can relieve some pains and aches of pregnancy. But it isn't appropriate for every pregnancy and person. So, it is recommended to consult your healthcare provider in Melbourne. But you can ensure that there are many benefits of prenatal massage. In this article, you will learn about pregnancy massage and its advantages.

What are the benefits of pregnancy massage?
Each pregnancy is unique. Sometimes, when the baby grows, the changes in the body can lead to discomfort. But a massage can relieve a few symptoms. So, read further to learn about the advantages of prenatal massage.

It provides relief from pain: When your abdomen grows outward, there might be posture changes that realign the center of gravity. It can result in sciatic nerve pain, pelvic, neck, shoulder, and back pain for a few people. With the help of a professional, you will be relieved from those aches. As per research, it is effective for back and leg pain during pregnancy.

It lowers stress and anxiety levels: Cortisol is a stress hormone in the body. If a pregnant woman is introduced to massage therapy, her cortisol levels will reduce considerably. It allows the good hormones to improve her vitality, immunity, and most of all, her mood.

It reduces swelling: It is normal to experience swelling or oedema during pregnancy. Since the growing uterus allows pressure on the veins in the legs, the fluid buildup tends to be more pronounced in the feet, ankles, and legs. A prenatal massage can reduce swelling.

It provides you with better sleep: During pregnancy, many women find it difficult to sleep. It occurs due to stress and anxiety as well as physical discomfort. You can ensure that massage will help improve the quality of sleep during pregnancy.

It lowers the risk of premature birth: According to studies, pregnant women who did not receive prenatal massage therapy were more likely to encounter premature birth than other women who received massage during pregnancy. Hence, it reduces the chances of prenatal birth.

It reduces the baby's stress hormones: Massage helps pregnant mothers and lowers the stress hormones of the body. According to research, it plays a crucial role in raising the babies' cortisol levels even inside the womb. Hence, you can safely say that mothers aren't the only ones who benefit from this massage.

What makes pregnancy massage different
The body of the pregnant woman must be positioned properly and supported during the massage. It ensures the safety and comfort of the growing baby and mother. For instance, after 20 weeks, lying on the back can restrict blood flow and put excess pressure on the abdomen. During the massage, you will be positioned to lie down on the side. Your massage therapist will provide pillows, padding, and bolsters to support your knees, feet, and back. A standard massage technique utilized during pregnancy is a long, gliding stroke used in Swedish massage. The massage therapist ensures that the overall pressure is much lighter than what you are used to. Your massage therapist might avoid utilizing rocking techniques if you are experiencing nausea or morning sickness.

When to avoid pregnancy massage
You must avoid pregnancy massage if you have an increased risk of preterm labor, preeclampsia, high blood pressure, clotting disorder and problems with the placenta. You can consult your doctor before booking an appointment for prenatal massage treatment.

What are some tips for enjoying pregnancy massage?
You must make sure that the massage therapist is certified or licensed and has a lot of experience. You will find some of the best therapists for pregnancy massage in Melbourne. You must drink water before your appointment since massage can be dehydrating. Always remember to continue hydrating after the massage as well. The therapists must wash their hands before starting their massage, and the rooms and linens must be clean.

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