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Everything You Need to Know About Insight EMR Software

by Kaiden
Everything You Need to Know About Insight EMR Software

Insight EMR by Clinicient is a web-based EHR and billing solution created exclusively for outpatient rehab practices. The all-in-one platform works on a module that populates data across both clinical and financial tasks of a practice. Key features of the software include scheduling, clinical documentation, accounts receivable management, telehealth, and reporting. It enables organizations to manage schedules effectively, also integrating into a practice’s existing system if required. The software additionally comes with built-in Clinical Decision Support that helps clinicians in the decision-making process. Using Insight EMR, users can create customizable and personalized profiles based on their personal preferences.

The EHR vendor offers a documentation suite that is designed for and by therapists and can be customized to simplify charting while remaining compliant. Clinicient lets users create a tailor-fit solution that supports workflow automation and proven expert business coaching. Depending on the specific requirements of practice, Insight eliminates up to two-thirds of the work that occupies your day, allowing users to focus more on patients and spend less screen time with electronic medical records, practice equipment displays, and billing systems. Other useful services of the solution include revenue cycle management, payer follow-up, claim processing, assistance in the preparation of audits, reconciliation, month-end closing, and more.

Overview of Clinicient Insight EMR Benefits

  • The Clinicient Insight system is an all-inclusive platform designed to assist outpatient rehabilitation establishments with everyday tasks like medical recording, patient registration, documentation, payment processing, and appointment management.
  • Depending upon numerous fields of specialized rehabilitation therapy, the software can be personalized. Therapists can also customize their profiles according to their personal preferences.
  • The software empowers users as it can keep up with the demands of their patients, their field, and themselves.
  • Insight EMR provides a central platform to deal with clinical operations – from scheduling to final billing. This reduces the need for organizations to run several different systems, minimizing costs, and learning curve delays.
  • The software also includes functionalities for reporting and performance monitoring. Some key features are goal monitoring tools, customizable charting templates, flow sheets, letter templates for physician communications, charge capture capabilities and automated coding, and more. All these tools help practices grow and manage their rehabilitation facilities.
  • Practitioners can access the software even outside the premises of their clinic as this technology only requires a web-enabled device. Using this software, users can be more productive.
  • The software's EMR functionalities provide accurate medical records. It does not only support a paperless environment that many healthcare facilities are aiming for, but also provides a cloud-hosted database that only needs an internet connection to gain access.

    Insight EMR Features
  1. Electronic Medical Billing
  2. Clearinghouse Integration
  3. Electronic Eligibility Verification
  4. Missing insurance tracking & alerting
  5. No-show/cancellation tracking & rebooking
  6. Automated Electronic Billing
  7. Automated Visit Coding
  8. Electronic Deposit
  9. Secure Interoffice Instant Messaging and Chat
  10. Payer Rules Engine
  11. Clinical Reporting
  12. Management Reporting
  13. E-Visit Charge Codes
  14. Revenue Cycle Management
  15. Daily Charge and Claim Review
  16. Month-end Closing and Reconciliation
  17. ICD-10 Support
  18. Medicare Alerts
  19. HIPAA Compliance
  20. Medicare Cap Tracking
  21. CCI Edits
  22. A/R Management
  23. Point & click charting at the point of care
  24. Customizable letter templates
  25. Customizable clinical reports & surveys

Pricing Overview
The pricing plan for the solution starts at $50.00 per month, per user. They do not have a free version. It offers a free trial.

Pros and Cons


  • Clinicient offers ease of use in daily charting. The software also provides excellent customer service and information when it comes to changes in Medicare and other insurances.
  • The software is essentially automated and easy to document.
  • The software helps in tracking all the important metrics and is good at reporting. It also ensures that your business is on the right track.
  • Clinicient simplifies the process by combining billing, communication, documentation in a single place.
  • The support team is friendly and is always available for the users.
  • The account specialists are highly knowledgeable and are readily available to help clinicians with any problem.
  • The software offers excellent compliance functionality, a very useful tool for the outpatient setting.
  • Scheduling, documentation, and billing are quite easy. Evaluations are sorted once users customize the templates.


  • There are glitches with the upgrades though the upgrades are useful.
  • The cash register and the client editor cannot be opened at the same time. Reports are not entirely accurate. It is hard to compare visits with pets.
  • The support team takes a while to reply and does not know about the bill. Users complain about how some documents go missing from a patient's file.
  • There are some issues with vestibular examination parameters.
  • Tutorials are not so comprehensive and include just a bunch of YouTube videos.
  • The software can only be accessed on a PC. Clients can't currently use it on tablets.
  • Users are not yet able to store pictures/videos and acquire better support for PT/progress.

Take-home message: It is of pivotal importance to understand that practically no service in the EHR Software category will be a perfect solution capable of meeting all the needs of a healthcare practice. It is suggested that the users first read a few Clinicient Insight EMR software reviews as it may perform well only in a very few settings or be developed with a very few specialties in mind.

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