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10 Best Content Writing Courses in India for your Growing Career

by Rahul
10 Best Content Writing Courses in India for your Growing Career

Content writing is a much sought-after job which makes it both easy and difficult all the same. While every field requires content writers and that could make you think that it is not a problem to find a job as a content writer, this is a hasty conclusion To reach. It is true that the number of Job opportunities are numerous but so are the number of people. You have to get ahead of them and be better to make companies hire you and choose you over thousands of others. Even to work as a freelancer you need to enhance your skills. For people who get a job, the pay scale is lesser depending on the quality.

With all these challenges being a content writer is not as easy as it seems. You have to submit your content at the given date without which you could lose your job. If you aspire to be a content writer it might be beneficial for you to take a few courses and brush up on your skills. Some people think this is not needed because content writing comes inbuilt and you are not required to have a particular degree to be hired as A content writer. All you need to do is be creative and have the ability to play with words. But in addition to talent, some professional guidance is never a bad thing. The market which offers courses for content writing is diverse. While most share the same basic structure there are certain important aspects which you find only in some.

Some of the top courses for content writing have been listed below:

1. Henry Harvin
Their contact writing course is all-encompassing. While the coast duration is for a month but you also get access to being a part of their content writing team for any year. This provides you with much-needed experience along with certification. For people who want to develop their careers as content writers, this is really beneficial. They teach you how to write for different purposes in one course itself. Unlike other institutions, you don’t have to take a separate course for every aspect of content writing. They also give several assignments and projects making you trained in writing.

Then if you know how to write and know about the technology you are better than many other employees. These skills are like icing on the cake of your content.

Benefits of Henry Harvin Content Writing Course
- Henry Harvin is Ranked No. 1 in Content writing course by Training 360

- Seasoned industry experts as trainers

- Work on live projects during training

- Get access to study material and e-learning

- Post-training brush-up session

- Internship opportunities

- Get free access to content writing tools

- Weekly job opportunities

- Become a Certified Digital Content writer from Henry Harvin Education with Hallmark of CDCW next to your name.

- Get a Content Writing Course Online.

- Get add on supplements like Logo Software, E-books, Question-making software, CW guides and workbooks, mobile apps.

- Be a distinguished Henry Harvin alumni.

2. Online idea lab
This organization is spread across India USA and Canada. Their faculty eyes are well trained and experienced. Their training is not just on content writing but includes Content marketing and some other courses which you could like to checkout. The batches are flexible and can be chosen according to your convenience. If you take online courses, you can watch the videos and attend the classes whenever you like. The content writing course is divided into 3 modules namely content research, content writing, and content promotion. There are also submodules which train the students to perform different actions on content.

3. Udemy
This course helps you master different styles of writing. It was easy earlier when all you needed to have was a basic knowledge of English and some information about the topic. But if you believe in that even today it would be a misconception. In this world which is fueled by the digital, Writer should know the basics of different technologies to be a successful content writer. This course gifts your understanding of SEO, HTML, and WordPress and their use to improve content. It is important to research the keyword to improve the reachability of your content.

4. Inventateq
It offers training in several other areas including content writing. The faculty works hard for the placement of the students and makes each student more employable. They have 30 to 35 hours of classes and students have the option to choose from weekday and weekend batches. Their curriculum includes SEO, ebook strategies, types of content writing, and others.

5. ECT
This is one of the most preferred options because of the recognition it has from the Government of India. The cause duration is 3 months and includes eight assignments along with four life projects. They also have to ask for test quizzes and provide two certificates Which obviously inclines the students towards it. They also provide guaranteed placements and job opportunities to work from home. Apart from writing they also focus on vocabulary and grammar and teach about the newest techniques. One of the other aspects which are less found is that they guide if you want to publish your book.

6. Masterclass
They have a course by Margaret Atwood who is one of the top-selling authors from Canada. She’s experienced as a teacher too apart from being a poetess and the best-selling author of The Handmaid's Tale. In this course, the lady herself tells you how to structure your content and how can our story be written. The students are taught to engage the readers by dividing the story into parts and then deciding which part to begin with. The focus here is more on being creative and writing fiction.

7. Coursera
Offering courses in several other domains Coursera is no less in its content writing course. They have several options to choose from with a focus on different aspects of content writing. Depending on what you want to be you can go for content marketing or creative writing. Even people who do not have the slightest idea about content can learn something from this course. You can write both for entertainment and advertising. The certifications are valid at different places and they help you in developing your thoughts.

8. Lynda
They also have different courses to choose from. You can pick as many as you like, There are 29 courses. The faculty is dedicated and they encourage you to write better and connect with others through your thoughts. They touch upon the different styles of writing and help you understand how you should write depending on the purpose you are writing for.

9. Skillshare
One of the most important aspects of content writing is the ability to engage consumers. And that is what this course is popular for. It teaches you what the readers want and what attracts people in pieces of writing. This is a very important skill because both the ability to write and the knowledge of technology is useless if the readers don't even feel like reading what you write. This is why this course comes into the picture if you want to enhance the quality of your content you’re found the course which You were looking for. The faculty here are trained and have done ample research on content to know what readers want to read.

10. IIM Skills
They have a well defined and structured curriculum that lists out everything you are going to be taught. This criterion is met and forms the basis of how the course progresses. You don’t have to worry about what or how much you are going to learn because you have been provided with it. They also provide you with certificates and placement assistance after completion of the course. The mentors try their best to ensure that the students understand all aspects of content writing.

Different people have different preferences, you cannot just go for a course because someone said they liked it. You have to focus on the areas you need to work on and then find the course which is in alliance with your requirements. Go to the website, look at the curriculum, contact them if you have any doubts, and see what they have to offer.

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