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What does one understand by the term cashback on a purchase

by Abhi
What does one understand by the term cashback on a purchase

During this tough time, in between this pandemic, there is not only one but various things that can be stressful for everyone, and what better way can there be to release stress than shopping. For safety, it is better to not leave your homes, for that the best solution is out there, which is online shopping.

Normally shopaholics would know that many brands or stores put up discounts seasonally on their shops to attract customers and increase sales, while online shopping one does not get these store discounts, but something even better. Online deals, cashback, discounts, promo codes, and many more ways are provided in online shopping to save money.

Cashback as the word suggests means getting cash one has invested in making a particular amount of purchase back to them. Obviously, the amount of cash one gets in return is not equal to the amount of cash invested but a particular percentage of it.

It is very important to remember this cashback is provided to us on our credit cards and cashback can usually only be availed via credit cards.

What do we understand by the term cashback credit cards?
Cashback credit cards are a very new and very popular scheme introduced in the market and are being adopted by many credit card companies in India as well. To make our shopping even easier and more fun some countries provide us with cashback credit cards, particularly for cashback. This type of credit card earns bonus cash in form of reward money. After which this money is deposited in your bank account or used to pay your credit card bills. Such cards don’t require any form of transferring money from one bank account to another.

Which are the different types of cashback credit card available in the market
Certain cashback cards will simply pay a flat rate of cashback, no matter how much you spend or where you spend it which put into simple words means that the cashback percentage or amount offered will be what is received.

Some pay tiered rates of cashback depending on how much you spend. For example, you are offered 0.5% if you spend less than rupees 6,000 annually and 1% if you spend more than that. Be careful this doesn’t tempt you to spend more than you can afford to repay comfortably

Other cards offer different rates of cashback depending on where you spend your money. For example, 1% on money spent in supermarkets, 2% on money spent in department stores and 3% on money spent on fuel.

Which are the best cashback credit cards available to us in India
The best cashback credit cards that are provided to Indian citizens, in India are:

  • HDFC Bank MoneyBack Credit Card.
  • Citi Cash Back Credit Card.
  • HDFC Bharat Credit Card.
  • YES, Prosperity Cashback Credit Card.
  • Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card.
  • YES, Prosperity Cashback Plus Credit Card.
  • Kotak Delight Platinum Credit Card.
  • Axis My Zone Credit Card.

Which are the best and the most reliable cashback websites in India
Many people often wonder where can they find a constant flow of cashback offers? Listed below are some most trusted and the best websites that allow you to get cashback offers, with a new and fresh collection every day.

  • Topcashback
  • PaisaWapas
  • Cashkaro
  • Gopaisa
  • Sitaphal
  • White Cash Back
  • Baggout
  • ShopBack
  • Pennyful
  • Cash2Kart

These websites provide us the best cashback offers in India. One of the many famous cashback offers is the bobo brazil cashback supposedly named after the famous American wrestler.

Why are cashback offers one of the best things that could happen to online shopping
In conclusion, cashback offers are a real gem for the providers as well as the takers.

It satisfies the customers by giving them amazing cashback offers on desired items. Increases the liking and usage of credit cards which benefits the banks plus this cashback are much better than discounts as discounts do not usually leave a good profit margin for the seller but cashback does.

Enjoy shopping in this festive season and go avail all the amazing cashback there are.

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