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If you visit Oslo for the first time or are a regular tourist, during your trip to the Norwegian capital there are a few attractions that you don't want to skip. There is then some stuff of which you might not know, but you shouldn't skip them certainly. The capital city is Norway's most visited destination and is relatively well known because of the many enjoyable things to do. For many travelers who arrive in Norway, this city is the main port of entry, and Oslo offers many fun and interesting things to do.

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Oslo's The 10 Best Stuff

I'm going to get to it directly. These are my favorite attractions in Oslo, for those who are curious about what to do for their stay in Oslo. I periodically update it, as I also visit the capital of Norway (my brother and sister both live there, in addition to several of my close friends). So I'm going to add it to the list when I learn something different!

1. Go to Akerselva for a walk
I wrote of this green tour in the city early, and I'm a favorite of walking along Akerselva in town. Have your best shoes and take coffee. You will encounter cyclists, dog walkers, entrepreneurs, and much more in Akerselva during their breaks.

You can spend hours seeing all people watching the river extends across the region. Along the way, you can also catch some of Oslo's famous sights. A pleasant walk along Akerselva is highly advisable, and even a guided tour along the banks of the river can be joined.

2. Visit the Museum of Astrup Fearnley
The Oslo Museum of Astrup Fearnley is a private museum of art with several thrilling exhibits. If you are an art lover, it is highly recommended that you visit this Oslo attraction. The exhibits in the Astrup Fearnley Museum are at the top of the Oslo list for many.

3. Visit the parks of the Vigeland’s.
The Park of Vigeland is a sculpture park and one of Oslo's most famous sights. Given its success, it's also one of Oslo's most peculiar and unusual stuff. The Sculpture Collection is currently Gustav Vigeland, the world's largest sculpture park. The Angry Boy (Norwegian; Sinnataggen) is the most famous sculpture you can find!

4. Walk around Karl Johan!
Karl Johan, with many things going on, is one of Oslo's busiest peat streets. Shops, restaurants, bars, and entertainment are on your way along the road leading to the Norwegian Palace, along the way to the National Parliament and Theater in Norway.

5. See the Palace of Norway
When you visit Oslo, the Norwegian Palace is a must. This is where the royal family lives and you find that the royal flag is at home. I love to pace around the palace to sneak the curtains!! Most people make sure they don't skip the Palace when choosing what to see in Oslo.

6. Holmemorandum visit
In Norway we enjoy skiing, and many consider ski jumping to be one of our national sports. Holmenkollen is one of Oslo's biggest attractions, and with or without the snow the building itself is impressive. The Holmenkollen Ski Museum is located in the town of Holmenkollen, the oldest museum on skiing in the world, and the well-known jump tower.

7. Dinner in the Grand Café
Not everyone knows the meaning of this location, and it's mainly local people who can find it. But this is one of the first places I recommend when I'm asked what I should do in Oslo.

The original Grande Café, which had now become known as 'Kristiania Bohemes' was open in 1874 in the basement of the Grand Hotel (where Obama's likes were staying). They would have spent their days there like Henrik Ibsen, Knut Hamsun, and Gustav Vigeland (the sculptor).

8. Take a guided tour of the city or by bike
There are a variety of great tours around Oslo, which are an exciting way for a first-time visitor to explore the area. Choose and start exploring your tour based on your favorite transport mode (bus tours are also available). I love to walk when I'm in a new place because everything is going very close and personal. The guides are typically local or have spent enough time there as local, so you are more up-to-date than any guide book.

9. Go to the Jardins Botanique
You can see and discover plants and beautiful flowers from around the world in the Botanical Gardens. This is one of Oslo's most famous sights, particularly because it has a 'scent garden,' that has plants of various scents and has been specially built for blind people. Established in 1814, the Oslo Botanical Gardens are worth a visit if you spend any time visiting Oslo.

10. Visit the Science and Technology Museum of Norway
This was one of my most famous activities in Oslo, when I was young, as there is so much fun in the Science and Technology Museum for all ages. Don't miss this place when you visit Norway with children and wonder what to do in Oslo is going to be fun for the whole family. You should discover how electricity works, try solving complicated puzzles and games, and just learn while enjoying it!

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