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11 Best reasons to stay in villas in Goa

by Henry
11 Best reasons to stay in villas in Goa

With the change of the world, let stop the traditional way of living inside the houses. People started moving out and visit many places during their vacations and these days going to the resorts and villas has become a major reason to relieve stress.

When we travel to other places, we should also take care of accommodation before we book the tickets. As accommodations are a vital part of the travel destination, they should be given a lot of importance to keep our trip memorable. Especially, when you are traveling to Goa, and other romantic places, ensure to stay in the top hotels and villas to gain a better experience of your stay. Here in this article, we will discuss some of the reasons to hire villas in Goa and know the benefits as well:

Best is the privacy
When you are traveling with friends or relatives, you wish to stay apart from other travelers is to get privacy. Especially when you are with family and kids. When you choose villas, you get a whole lot of environment surrounded by your friends and family, without you seeing the other customers around or sharing your places including dining, lobby, and other places in the villas. You don’t have to share the gym where you get to sweat and other lockers with others. The main advantage of hiring villas is that you get the privacy to enjoy your vacation with your family and friends.

Lot of space to enjoy
Unlike the hotel rooms where you get minimal space to move around with the beds, cupboards, and bathrooms on the other side, hiring villas will provide you with exceptional space including living space, bedrooms, kitchen, and other facilities to move around. This is the biggest benefit when you are traveling with friends and relatives as you can enjoy your space of watching TV or playing on the lawn. Of course, kids will have their own private space to enjoy themselves.

Personal kitchen to cook yourself
When you are a strict vegetarian and one who has diet restrictions, then hiring villas in Goa is the right choice to make. When inside the villas, you can have your kitchen to make a cup of tea in the mid night or during unusual timings or you can get the hot water when you wish to have. You can even enjoy trying your cuisines in the kitchen provided as you might feel the same in the house. The villas look alike and give you the same feel as you are at your own home even after you are far away from it. This is best for those who don’t wish to eat from outside or get restricted themselves due to health issues.

Cheaper than hotels
Another advantage of living in the villas is that it is much cheaper when compared to that of the top hotels in the destination. When you are going with family, you don’t have to look for multiple rooms in the hotel as booking them aside still costs you more when compared to that of the villas. Hiring villas are much affordable when you wanted to plan for your vacation rather than booking many rooms or suite rooms in a luxurious hotel.

Fits all your family members and friends
When you wanted to move along with your family or relatives, or friends, then hiring villas is the right choice to enjoy yourself. Unlike a hotel, where you get cramped within the small room if you wanted to stay together enjoying chatting with your friends, villas give you great pleasure to giving a get together to feel as you can stay in the living room or the terrace or the garden. This will give you a homely feel when you are with your family. Furthermore, you don’t have to get extra beds for your child or other people staying in the hotel, and thus you can share it with your friends when you stay in villas or you can simply enjoy sleeping in the living room watching TV.

Can enjoy private pools
Another reason why people choose villas is that it has private pools where you can enjoy only with your friends or family. You don’t have to share your pool with other customers as you do in the hotel rooms. You still don’t have to wait for your turn to enjoy yourself as some of the hotels might get filled with the people in the pool around. As swimming pools are the best one everyone wishes to visit during their vacation, you don’t have to enjoy yourself with others, but you can enjoy yourself with your family.

Can maintain good social distancing
The best reason to hire villas in Goa is that you can have space between villas in Goa and you don’t have to meet others when you open your door as in the hotel rooms. It is like heaven outside our home, and you can treat your eyes with such a lovely atmosphere around you with a lot of space that keeps you comfortable all the way. You can enjoy the private pools and other places with social distancing.

Safe for families
Another advantage of hiring the villas is that it is perfectly safe for families as you can see the personal security and other guards at the gate. You can have a peaceful sleep when you are with families. As this is private property you can enjoy with peace of mind and stay away from strangers. With the fenced grounds and protection, you can enjoy your vacation staying in the villas in Goa. The villas are ideal for both babies and elders to enjoy their holidays and destinations.

With the above top reasons to hire villas in Goa, you can enjoy your vacation or holidays with your family or friends. You can even bring your dog, and this will not be possible in other hotels in the destination. Enjoy your private pools and another luxurious stay in the destination with your family members.

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