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5 Types of Dresses and Where to Wear Them

by Henry
5 Types of Dresses and Where to Wear Them

Women’s dress dates back to 51 B.C when women in ancient Egypt wore linen or sheer materials. Through the ages, women’s dresses have evolved from a frock with big and elaborate designs to a less structured one which allowed more fluidity in movements when worn.

However, these women’s dresses have always had an occasion associated with them, whether worn for formal occasions like that in the past to more fashionable designs on less formal occasions like going out on a date or a party with friends.

Mini Dress
Mini dresses range in designs and styles, but they stay true to their name. It is considered “mini” because of having a few inches above the knee. These days, mini dresses are perfect for romantic dates or Instagrammable looks during the summer and spring seasons. You are sure to have a cute summer morning or chic spring afternoons with your date when you opt for mini dresses.

Midi Dress
Contrary to a mini dress, a midi dress is any dress two inches below the knees to just above the ankles; hence, it’s long. This type of dress is mostly worn on formal occasions like weddings or engagement parties. However, you may have seen midi dresses worn by Hollywood actresses during their movie premiers as they walk on the red carpet. That is because midi dresses are versatile and can be worn on almost every formal occasion. You can give this dress an added flair when you choose a V-neckline or belted midi dress. However, midi dresses can also be the perfect outfit on a staycation on the beach.

Bodycon Dress
A bodycon dress is a figure-hugging dress. When you wear this dress, the stretchy fabric would seem like it is hugging your body. This type of dress borders both on formal and less formal events because of its versatility. A bodycon dress can be a mini or a midi dress, which can either be short or long. This dress is perfect for formal office events or friendly gatherings, but you can also wear this for a romantic date.

Shift Dress
A shift dress is a dress that streamlines down your body that flows down from your shoulders. It may also have a mini or maxi-length hemline, but what gives it a boost when wearing it on formal occasions is the comfortability it gives when you wear it. Since it streamlines your body, you have mobility. However, you wish to move, and there would be fewer restrictions as you flail your arms or have a brisk walk. This type of dress is, in fact, perfect for work outfits.

A playsuit dress is a short-sleeved top and shorts in one. It is similar to a jumpsuit, but the difference lies on the bottom because a jumpsuit leans on trousers as bottoms while a playsuit with shorts. This type of dress is freeing and can be worn when running errands, walking at the park, or even going out with friends. It also gives an easy and relaxed style when you wear them.

There are different types of dresses, but knowing which occasion to pair them with is a bonus. Knowing how to dress well on occasions increases your confidence in both informal and less formal events. Also, studies have shown that dressing well on specific occasions would change how other people hear you because your outfit subconsciously tells them if you are like them or different. This aspect is important for corporate working environments or meeting with your date for the first time.

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