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5 Things To Know Before Taking a Collagen Supplement

by Henry
5 Things To Know Before Taking a Collagen Supplement

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a majority of Australians reassess their lifestyle. They are now focussing more on maintaining their health and well-being. It is duly reflected in the burgeoning size of the vitamin and supplement market in the country. Currently, this market is worth $535 million, and approximately 401 businesses operate in this domain.

The latest buzz in the health and wellness sphere is all about collagen. Supplements of marine collagen in Australia having a bounty of minerals like zinc, copper, and biotin work to support the health of your immune system health. Are you too looking to add it to your daily routine? Here are some crucial things to note before going ahead with it.

Human Body Is Largely Made of Three Main Types of Collagen
Almost 80 to 90 percent of the collagen in the human body consists of type I, II, and III collagen. That is why any collagen supplement you take will contain these three types. Collagen products usually have either marine or bovine collagen. Bovine collagen comes from the cowhide and other parts of this animal and has type I and type III collagen.

Marine collagen comes from the skin, fins, bones, and scales of fish. It also has type I and types III collagen. The body better absorbs it than bovine collagen.

Collagen Supplements Come in Various Forms
The most pervasive forms of collagen supplements are pills and powders. Luckily, the human body does not care about the way it receives collagen. So, you can opt for any form of this supplement according to your preference. Many people go in for a collagen supplement in powder form mainly because of its versatility. You can mix the powder with your smoothies, coffee, or any other drink. Thus, you are less likely to forget to take this supplement daily.

Different Supplements Vary in Quality
Don’t think that just introducing this protein to your body will facilitate its absorption. Always look for hydrolysed marine collagen in Australia if you intend to get its benefits for your hair, skin, and nails. Hydrolysed means that the collagen is already broken into small parts, which your body can readily use. Another advantage of using marine collagen is that it promotes sustainability. It is because the collagen uses those parts of a fish which would otherwise go to waste.

You Can Receive Collagen from Food
Apart from supplements, you can also receive collagen from food. The most common food items containing this protein are bone broth and egg whites. However, keep in mind that collagen production is a complex process. Therefore, you should also include those food items in your diet that enable your body to enhance its natural production. Foods like green veggies and chia seeds facilitate increasing the natural production of this protein.

The Right Time to Take Collagen
You want to enhance the collagen levels in your body before you start noticing the signs of its waning levels. These signs include your joints or skins showing signs of aging. It’s best to start incorporating the supplement in your late twenties. You can consume it either in the morning or evening. If you work out regularly, then never miss it on your exercise days. The rich amino acid profile of the supplement will help your body recover from a particularly intense workout.

These were some essential points to note before you introduce this health supplement to your diet. If you have started observing signs of aging in your body, then the time’s ripe to try out its supplement.

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