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Twitter Marketing Guide to Drive More Traffic and Conversions

by Mansi
Twitter Marketing Guide to Drive More Traffic and Conversions

Twitter is not only for sharing your thoughts once a week, you can get sales from it also. But it is possible only if you know how to use Twitter for marketing. If you are a brand spending thousands of dollars every month on Ecommerce SEO tactics to get sales. Then you must start Twitter marketing for lead generation.

In this post, we will talk about almost everything about Twitter marketing. We are not discouraging you to stop spending on Ecommerce SEO packages. But you can use these Twitter marketing tactics along with SEO packages to get more sales.

In this post, you will go through three steps. These three steps will help you get more conversions through Twitter. So let's start with the first and very basic step.

STEP 1: The Basics

In this step, we will try to cover the basic things you need to do. We will tell you how to set up Twitter handle as a brand.

Make Your Twitter Handle Professional

You have to make your Twitter handle look professional. It is very easy to create a Twitter account but it is hard to make it look like a brand. So let's do it.

Get Verification

First of all, try to get that blue verification tick with your Twitter handle name. That blue tick will help you grab attention and look more authentic.

Appropriate Photo & Name

Don't make your followers or customers confused about your name. Add your name without using so many special characters. Add profile photo and header image carefully. They are the most visible parts on Twitter.

Add Details

Add your location and a nice bio about your brand.

Must Add URL Of Your Landing Page

URL will play a great role and try to put the URL of your landing page. Your product page, current event, or offer page can be your landing page. Ask your eCommerce SEO package provider to suggest you while putting URL in your Twitter bio.

Make Your Feed Algorithm

The next thing you need to do is to make your feed algorithm. When you enter Twitter, you will see a bunch of accounts in front of you. Follow them and you will see thousands of posts. So making your feed algorithm is important.

Curated Feed Lists

Don't be confused, we are not talking about computer algorithms. We are talking about curated feed lists. Choose accounts and add them to specific lists to see their feeds before anyone else.

Make B2B, B2C Lists

Make different lists for you. Make a list for your business partners and make a different list for the high profile customers or most engaging followers.

Make Use Of Hashtags

Hashtags play a major role in Twitter marketing. Your Ecommerce SEO package provider will tell you how important they are. Hashtags can be used in the same way we use keywords.

Pick Trending Hashtags

You need to choose trending hashtags and try to make content on trending hashtags. It will help your posts go viral.

Branded Hashtags

You can also generate your own branded hashtags. Branded hashtags will have your brand name in them. Twitter contests, polls, quizzes, and giveaways are used to generate branded hashtags. An Ecommerce SEO package will also help you do this.

STEP 2: Create & Manage Content

Now the second step is to create and manage the content on your Twitter handle. Both of these tasks are time-consuming tasks. But you can finish them quickly with the help of a few strategies and tools.

Find Trending Topics

Find trending topics on Twitter to help you. You can hire a content strategist or content marketing experts to research more topics for your brand.

Use Tools Like Buzzsumo

Tools like buzz sumo can make it easy for you to find new content ideas. Your Ecommerce SEO package will guide you on how to use Buzzsumo and other feed tools to get new ideas.

Visual Content With CTA

Twitter content is no more limited to text only. Visual content is going viral more on Twitter. So never think that Tweets with just text are going to help you. Try to add visual content along with Call-To-Action.

Hire Professional Content Creators

Professional content creators can help you do it. If you don't have good quality content then nobody can help you. Even eCommerce SEO packages will fail without good content.

Automate & Schedule

To do everything on time and quickly, you need automation tools. Try to schedule your Twitter content. You can make a calendar and then use some tools to schedule your common posts.

STEP 3: Get More Clicks

Do all the above-mentioned things will help you get conversions? Or you will need a different Ecommerce SEO package to get more sales? Well, you can get a conversion on Twitter if you get more clicks on your Twitter.

Use Twitter Cards

The first common method to get more clicks to your Tweets or promotional tweets is to use Twitter cards. Content-rich cards can encourage followers to click more.

Images And Text As Links

Try to add images and text to your Twitter cards. There will be a link behind these cards. These links can be from your product page or landing page.

Encourage People To Click

Write Tweets with a call to action always. Encourage your followers to click on your provided links and land at product pages. Then it will be easy to convert them into customers. Even some Ecommerce SEO packages will do it for you.

Collab With Influencers

Try to collaborate with influencers in your related niche. Choose those influencers and interact with them. Get retweets and replies from them. Doing this you will get more clicks on your tweets.

Find Related Niche Chats

There is a variety of chats available on Twitter. But you have to choose your targeted niche chats. Try to involve more in niche-related topics and reply to Twitteratis as much as possible. Engage with them more and try to convert them into your followers and then into customers.

SEO packages can help you get more organic traffic on landing pages. But Twitter can do this also. Using proper Twitter marketing tactics you can convert your followers into customers. In this post, we have learned how to represent your Twitter profile as a brand profile. And then creating highly engaging content and targeting the right audience.

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