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A definitive guide on Nearshore Software Development for CEOs

by Henry
A definitive guide on Nearshore Software Development for CEOs

When a company make their mind to hire freelancers from any other country in closeness to their nation, it is known as nearshore software development. It is called by this name due to the location. It is a procedure of giving tasks of a company to the person who is based out of your inherent country and providing services or works for you from there. It does not imply that the software developers will constantly be working from their nation, they might also think to visit your workplace once in a while. If we talk about the nearshore, it is easy, since the two countries are nearby and the time required to travel will be not much in comparison with the countries which are far.

For instance, if a company in India desires to hire a nearshore software development company or services, it will think about hiring someone from Dubai, Singapore or Thailand, instead of someone who is located in Canada or U.S. It is easy as well as saves time to fly from the previous countries to India, while it takes some hours to travel from the latter countries.

Let’s Know the Pros and Cons
When looking for Nearshore custom software development, there come some questions on its effectiveness and probable negative features. We are here providing the most helpful aspects of the nearshoring model, pointing out its pros and cons.

Nearshoring provides people with plenty of positive aspects that make this outsourcing model very broadly used. But prior to accepting this kind of activity transferring, you are required to familiarize yourself with certain aspects regarding outsourcing for CEO vs product owners. Depending on your position and role, you will face different opportunities and challenges. Have a look at a list of nearshore benefits and ensure you made the right choice:

Cost-effectiveness. Investing in the talent of a neighbouring country’s pool is a good decision from a geopolitical point of view, however, the expenses are not that high if we choose another software development approach. In the CEE countries, you can locate a team of experts at a reasonable cost and benefit from lower tax incentives and labour costs.

Geographic closeness. It facilitates you to easily travel to fulfil your teammates for personal meetings. Therefore, you will better control the procedure and decrease the chances of unpredicted costs and misunderstandings. Seeing teams face-to-face enables keeping the spirit of team members’ high.

Quick problem-solving. As a client & a service provider are in a similar region, they can finely coordinate to manage different problems. They are practically in a similar time zone, have the same social backgrounds, and are not distant from one another for an individual meeting.

Cultural kinship. There are circumstances when culture plays a significant role in effective communication. Talking a similar language is not sufficient as cultural compatibility enables people to develop their relations and avoid feasible misunderstandings.

Outsourcing some challenges for businesses looking for the external talent pool, and in this blog, you can know their main indices. We outline possible issues and ways of tackling them. Utilizing the nearshoring principle of corporate leading, you will not face any of them, such as team communication, time zones, and dropping out of projects. However, there are some cons to consider; let’s know them all:

Expensiveness. We pick out nearshoring if services offered in our country are expensive, however, if we match it with offshoring, the cost is higher.

Limited range of choices. Your preference is limited to nearby countries where companies or service providers can be in great demand. Thus, take care of cooperating with a professional team in advance.

How to get started with the nearshoring
With the aim to get the most out of the execution of the nearshore product development model, you are required to inform yourself regarding the country you are considering selecting to outsource to. Do your study and take the required time to know about the economic situation of the company, talent pool, business environment, and cost structure.

Once you have collected sufficient information and knowledge, and done to decide upon a country that is the home of your prospective outsourcing partner, it’s period you locate the right vendor. The last should have sufficient experience working on the same projects as yours, must have positive reviews, and practice up-to-date technologies and tools.

Going ahead, it’s important that you describe and carefully explain your needs and goals to your newly chosen supplier, who should have a clear thought of what is expected of them. Be in touch with your remote team, set realistic deadlines and project milestones, begin communication channels, and you must be good to go.

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