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Choose Your Favourite Heels Which Type Is Ideal

by Henry
Choose Your Favourite Heels Which Type Is Ideal

Heels are a girl’s best friend. They make you feel confident, beautiful, and feminine. Moreover, you can choose several types of heels for women. Did you know that Australian women love to wear heels as high as 8.3cm Moreover, an Australian woman buys heels at least once in four weeks. Furthermore, 72% of women globally wear high-heeled shoes, of which 39% wear them daily. You might be wondering what kind of heels to choose to feel amazing, isn’t it? This article will guide you on the types of heels you can choose from and provide you with succinct tips to choose your heels correctly.

Types of heels
Heels come in several shapes and patterns. Moreover, based on their height and shape, there are many types to go gaga over. Here are some of the popular heels for you:

These are one of the hottest and most demanded types of heels. Essentially, they come with a band and have a small opening for your toes. Hence, the name, peep-toes. The higher you go with these heels, the more dramatic they will look. Pairing them with short dresses, ankle-length trousers, and fitted attire will make your style pop.

Wedge Heels
Wedge heels are perfect if you are uncomfortable with stilettoes. They are the best addition to your footwear collection if you want the perfect combination of comfort and heels. In wedges, you have evenly distributed weight, and it ensures your comfort while walking. You can pair them with miniskirts, midi dresses, and much more.

Platform Heels
Platform heels are footwear with broad and chunky heels at the front and back. They offer an evenly distributed weight and combine comfort with style as you walk or dance with these heels. Pairing them with a well-fitted bodycon dress or gowns with thigh-high slits is an excellent idea to make your style game dazzle.

Cone Heels
As the name suggests, these are footwear with conical-shaped heels at the back. They are slightly wide on the top and become narrower towards the bottom. You can get conical heels in several heights and styles. Conical heels elevate your skirt, and flowy dresses look.

The classic evergreen type is the stilettoes. They are pointed heels that can go anywhere between 3.5 to 6 inches high. It might take practice to walk in. However, once you master it, you will probably catwalk in them forever. They are perfect for both formal and casual wear, and you can probably buy some fancy stilettoes for your festive attire.

Choosing your heels wisely
While choosing your heels, ensure you follow some rules to ensure comfort. Here are some tips to bear in mind for buying your heels.

  • Ensure you get the type that matches your style statement
  • Check that the distance between the sole and your heel is at least 3.5 cm
  • Choose comfortable materials that won’t itch or cause shoe bites
  • Try to go for less pointy options to ensure your comfort while walking
  • These tips should help you remain stunning while being able to walk comfortably.

Heels for women elevate your look and give you a sexy and flawless look. They will enable you to flaunt your style and amp your fashion game. You get various types of heels to add some oomph to your style game. Some popular ones include Peep-toe heels, wedge heels, cone heels, stilettos, platform heels, and pumps.

You can get heels in various colors, patterns, styles, and materials. Ensure that you get the right size and shape that fits your feet perfectly. Also, you must check that the soles feel comfortable on your feet so that you can stay on your heels for a more extended period. So, explore the various types of heels and choose the perfect one for you!

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