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How to Pick Dresses According to Your Body Type

by Henry
How to Pick Dresses According to Your Body Type

In Australia, the women's clothing industry witnessed a growth of 6.3% in 2021 as shopping activity recovered following the COVID-19 movement restrictions. Seven hundred fifty-one businesses operate in the clothing industry, with a market size of $2 billion. Dresses have always been a woman's best friend and are an integral component of any woman's wardrobe. But it's important to consider the different body shapes. You can get a variety of dresses online in Australia, or you can get them in physical stores. To pick something that looks flattering, you need to be more mindful of your figure. Given below are some essential points to remember.

Pear-shaped Body
Women of this body type have broad hips and narrow shoulders, and they have a defined waist, larger hips, and a small bust. Hence, it would be best to choose dresses that create a balance between your upper body and lower body, emphasizing your waist.

A V-neckline dress will elongate your look and is thus a great option. You can also choose dresses with puffy sleeves, which will add more volume to the upper half of your figure and balance it with the wider lower body. Some other dress styles to consider are A-line, X-line, empire, tulip, and wrap dresses.

Hourglass-shaped Body
If you have an hourglass figure, it means that your hip and bust measurements are almost the same. Hourglass body types have fuller hips, thighs, and busts. If you have such a balanced figure, you should find dresses that allow you to flaunt your curves. Look for figure-hugging dresses like a bodycon dress. But ensure that it sits nicely at the right spots. Jumpsuits and rompers also highlight curves and the waistline. You can accessorize various dresses with a staple necklace that will enable you to show off your shoulders and neckline. Some other popular dress styles for you include wrap, shift, paneled waist, and bias dresses.

Apple-shaped Body
Apple-shaped ladies have a bigger bust and tend to be slender. So, dresses that draw attention from the upper body are worth looking into. For example, a full or flowy skirt or bottom will take the attention away from the midsection and upper body and provide you with a more balanced appearance. Another option is V-necklines, and they emphasize your waist and work to flatter your entire look. If you desire to show off your legs, a short smock tunic will be an ideal option. Some dress styles that accentuate an apple-shaped body include A-line, shift, empire, bias, and wrap dresses.

Athletic-shaped Body
This body shape is also referred to as the rectangle or square shape. Athletic-shaped women have similar hip and bust measurements, have their weight evenly distributed throughout their body, and usually have a flat bottom. You can enhance your figure through dresses by opting for those having sweetheart or round necklines. Off-shoulder dresses are also recommended as they give the illusion of broader shoulders. You can also explore dresses with ruching or those that have clinched waist. If you are getting ready for a festive occasion or a marriage, look for dresses having embellishments. Halter dresses, wrap, and asymmetrical dresses are options for women with this body type.

About 61 percent of people in Australia favor online shopping when it comes to buying clothes. When shopping online, pay special attention to the material of clothing items. You can find quality dresses online in Australia made from materials like polyester and elastane. Moreover, these dresses are available in sizes ranging from extra small (XS) to extra-extra-large (XXL). So, no matter your size, you can be confident in finding a dress that helps you look and feel your very best.

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