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Top 5 Online TEFL Courses For English Teachers in 2021

by Henry
Top 5 Online TEFL Courses For English Teachers in 2021

Teaching English is the best way to a rewarding career that can take you worldwide. English is always in demand and you'll find interested students of all generations just waiting to learn. Although many countries allow native lecturers to teach without a degree or certificate, a TEFL means Teaching English as a Foreign Language, TEFL course could improve your job possibilities and earning potential. Most important, it can provide you with the tools to be a more beneficial teacher for your students.

There are Top 5 best online TEFL courses:

1. TEFL Certification Course from Henry Harvin
Henry Harvin's Online TEFL class gives 120 hours of live interactive classes with a comprehensive immersive learning experience.

This course is designed to assure that you clear the TEFL Certification exam on the first attempt

The teachers are well trained and skilled in the respective field

They provide job support to the aspirants in the nicest of the organization and get the chance to earn up to $22/hr.

Develop a different and original lesson agenda to teach the candidates

Improve your productivity by adopting beneficial class and time management strategies

2. Teach Away's OISE TEFL
Teach Away is know worldwide teacher placement, has partnered with the University of Toronto to offer the OISE TEFL course. This extensive program is available as three different courses to suit the necessities of everyone from recent academy grads looking to begin their career in teaching, to recent ESL teachers wishing to improve their credentials.

With Teach Away, you can select from 100-hour, 120-hour, and 150-hour class options, and you can also choose specializations that cater to your concerns and teaching objectives. But beyond the program material, you'll also get a leg up when beginning your career with a certificate from a globally well-known institution, as well as job employment through Teach Away.

3. TEFLPros
They offer a fully accredited 120-hour online TEFL class that combines high-quality teaching with absolute flexibility. The course boasts more than 50 hours of actual life classroom and instructional videos so that you're convinced to get more bang for your buck.

This course offers practice in important skills such as lesson planning, management of difficult classroom circumstances, and preparing materials. And TEFLPros like to make sure you're glad about the course before you put any money into it; they give a free full module to learners so that you can try before payment, this kind of clarity is best for students.

4. Premier TEFL
Premier TEFL offers prospective English educators a variety of choices for undertaking their certification. Whether you go with the job standard 120-hour online course or more intensive analysis, all programs include several perks. You can want to learn all the basics through their recent app and various eBooks which means you can learn wherever you want.

In addition to the class materials, students can expect to earn expert tutor support throughout the program. Most notably, on completion of your diploma, Premier TEFL will give you a letter of reference which could come in helpful when applying for your first job.

Feeling capable but not yet confident to begin the job search? Internship opportunities exist throughout many countries like Asia, Europe, and South America. These short-term educating experiences will give you a taste of worldwide teaching while helping to build your CV.

5.UNI-Prep Institute
UNI-Prep's 120-hour online TEFL certification course is enormous for those wishing to jump into their teaching career quickly. According to their website, this course can be finalized in 2-4 weeks, although learners have up to a year to work through the materials. The course covers classroom supervision, lesson planning, and language level testing in improvement to the basics of the lesson, writing, reading, and phonics.

Teacher assistance is available and job search assistance is included. While they don't screen participants, a high school certificate, and native-level or developed knowledge in English are required.

Past participants have valued this program highly and honor it for its value and level of instruction.

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