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Get these for promoting your brand

by Henry
Get these for promoting your brand

The Stubby Cooler is more excellent
You can never have too many little coolers on hand. They are intended to keep your hands from overheating the beverage you are holding or sipping on, preventing it from warming up.

Many other names have been given to custom stubby coolers over the years. The term "stubby cooler" refers to stubby holders, stubbie, coolers (koozies), stubbie coolers (coolies), koozies (cosies), and can coolers (can coolers), wine coolers (beer coolers), beverage holders (beverage coolers), and so on. Stubby holders are available in a wide range of styles and colours due to the many spelling variations of the word "stubby".

The Stubby Cooler's material consists of what
In the case of stubby coolers, Neoprene or polychloroprene is used as the primary material. Dupont invented this family of synthetic rubbers. Although it can be used in various industrial applications, wetsuits or other watersports clothing are its most well-known applications. In addition, these qualities make it ideal for keeping beverages chilled while they're being consumed.

When it comes to promotions, Stubby Coolers have a lot going for them
The stubby cooler is a terrific promotional item that can be placed next to your consumers, offering them a valuable article commonly linked with fun. Your distinctive stubby holder will be used repeatedly by your customers to wrap their favourite beverage.

To get your company's name out there, there is also no better method than to have one of your customised printed beer holders in the hands of a satisfied consumer. It's time to honour a long-standing Australian culture and give your clients a stubby holder they'll cherish for years to come.

Stubby Holders Customised for Promotional Use

Promoting your business, goods, or services through the use of a stubby holder advertising
It has been used for years by firms and enterprises to advertise their products and services. The fact that they are still running strong is a testimonial to their success. Stubby holders have remarkable 'in the hand' persistence and will continue to disseminate the message even after the event has ended, mainly if designed effectively.

Produced with pride in our backyard
You may also rest assured that all Coolaz-branded promotional products are manufactured in Australia, not only printed there. To ensure that your stubby coolers roll off the line packed and ready to go, we use a highly integrated manufacturing process that begins with large sheets and extraordinarily long rolls of every material.

Iterative Stubby Cooler Design
We can also make a virtual version of your custom stubby coolers like the ones you see when they click on the photographs on the right side after being on our system. If you're looking to get your ideas over to the world in the best possible way, our one-off stubby holders are an excellent method to do so at a meagre cost.

A compact physical size
The adjustable stubby holders made by Coolaz can help you promote your brand or business and draw in new clients, especially those who are looking for something different. They could be given at POS, tucked neatly into a show bag, or even incorporated into the packaging of your product because they are so easy to pack and move. They can be sent via mail because they are lightweight and durable.

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