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Replacing Your Mountain Bike Helmet Is It About Time

by Henry
Replacing Your Mountain Bike Helmet Is It About Time

While riding a bike in the mountains, there are high risks involved that some of you might be aware of. Some people end up hitting their heads on a rocky surface after falling from their bikes. So, a well-informed mountain bike rider will never risk their life by committing silly mistakes. And if you enjoy riding the bikes, you should never forget to protect yourself with a helmet, knee pads, gloves, and elbow pads.

Out of all these biking gears, the essential one is the mountain bike helmets. Your brain is the most sensitive part of your body, and it must be kept protected as even the slightest injury can damage nerves and cause a serious health condition that may trouble you for a lifetime. Besides, even if you’ve already purchased a bike helmet, there comes a time when you need to replace it.

Most buyers believe that once you’ve purchased a biking helmet, it doesn’t require a replacement. A helmet is so essential for a rider, and so, when the time comes, you must say goodbye to your old helmet and replace it with a new one. So below, you’ll find answers to some commonly asked questions related to bike helmet replacement.

Why Does a Bike Helmet Need a Replacement
The bike helmet has ESP foam under the hard outer surface which acts as a layer of protection. And if you keep your helmet covered in its storage box for a prolonged period, it won’t get deteriorated. However, you don’t buy a helmet to keep it in storage. You may keep it in the open, sweat in it, carelessly handle it, and thus the ESP foam deteriorates over time. But, it entirely depends on the way you take care of your helmet. Moreover, if you expose it to chemicals, the environment, and other external factors, it will need a replacement faster.

Is It Important to Change the Helmet If Its Lid Gets a Minor Damage
Falling while riding a bike in the mountains is pretty normal. And while doing so, you might hit the ground and crack your helmet lid. If the crack isn’t big enough, you would probably keep using the same helmet because, after all, it is just a tiny crack. But do you know how dangerous it may be in the future?

Experts recommend immediately replacing a helmet if its outer lid has been compromised. You will not be able to recognize the internal damage the fall might have caused. The polycarbonate shell will only show you a small crack, but the EPP and ESP layers may be damaged to their core. And so, the helmet will be of no use.

How Can You Recognise That Your Helmet Needs a Replacement
If you notice any signs of the following, you should immediately replace the mountain bike helmet.

  • A crack or dent in the polycarbonate shell
  • Degradation of the ESP
  • Damage of any part of the helmet
  • Separation of the ESP and the outer shell
  • Signs of wear in the helmet vent

Do not compromise on your safety for once, as it might cause a lifetime loss for you and your loved ones. So, to buy decent mountain bike helmets, you need to explore your options. And if you prefer shopping online, look for trusted brands and dealers who can promise helmet quality and durability.

It would be best if you had a rough and tough bike helmet for maximum protection. But also remember that if you want your bike helmets to be durable, you will need to take complete care and protect them from chemical and environmental exposure.

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